ABOUT US - Better For Your

The 'Better For Your' Philosophy

We are a family-owned company founded in 2015. You can find our mission in our name; to provide drinkware products that are Better For Your health, your planet, your wallet....the list goes on! Being driven by 'Better' means we strive to constantly improve little-by-little, day-by-day.

There's lots to be done, but each time we grow and improve, the benefits are passed straight on to our customers and our ​tribe, just as they should be. From the beginning we've been providing high quality products that are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Every Better For Your product is also 100% plastic free, and built to withstand the tests that are thrown their way. 

Better For Your Budget

We believe in anti-obsolescence: things we buy should last for decades, not just several months or years. Y'know, a bit like the old days. With this in mind, our products have been designed to last. So your investment in any 'Better For Your' product is for the long term. The purchase price, divided by the number of years that you use it, means the cost of ownership over time will keep reducing. Just be careful not to misplace it!

Better For Your Health

We believe that non-plastic alternatives to food preparation, cooking and food storage are better for your health and better for our planet. While a lot of plastics for food and drink are now BPA free, there are concerns that many of the chemicals that replaced BPA are not listed by the plastics manufacturers, and more research needs to be done to assess their impact on the human body. There are a whole host of other additives to plastic that may act as *endocrine disruptors, with increasing evidence to back this up. Our intention is never to scare people into a particular purchase, rather to raise awareness of the facts and provide alternative options. Minimizing the use of plastic is better for your health and it is one of our goals to provide you with a better alternative.
*You may like to do your own research if you haven’t heard of this already.

Better For Our Planet

At this stage we only have one planet that over 7 billion of us call home. Unfortunately we've done some damage to this planet as a by-product of mass production and consumption. Plastic is a huge part of this. It not only looks bad, it does not completely break down in the environment. Plastic can degrade into smaller pieces that can end up being microscopic, yet still present in the environment. These tiny plastic pieces can then be mistaken for food or unknowingly ingested by fish and wildlife which can be detrimental to their health. Plastic entering the food chain is not good for any of these living things, including us.