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Purple and Orange Better For Your Stainless Steel Mugs Copyright 2 mugs on box

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Black and White Better For Your Stainless Steel Mugs Copyright 2mugs on box

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We proudly offer the Literal Color Range (c). This concept sounds like a "Dad Joke," but has proved to be a great way for people to tell their mugs apart when enjoying a coffee or tea together while at home, in their RV or when camping. Especially when it's refill time - "Mine was the 'orange' mug!"

This range of stainless steel mugs aren't just practical from an identification perspective, they are also designed to last you a lifetime. We've manufactured each mug with 100% 304 (food grade 18/8) stainless steel and without any paint or plastic included. Due to environmental and health reasons, we didn't want to include any paint on your product, but at the same time ​we did want you to have the benefit of 'color.' So we laser engraved the names of a range of colors onto the sides of the cups ​to enable you to have your own ‘color’ with the confidence that it's Better For Your health. ​Check out our full range of ‘literal color’ combinations, or stick with plain if you prefer. Every single mug is:

HEALTHIER - for you and the environment

  • 100% plastic-free and paint-free, built to last a lifetime and fully reusable

SMARTER - keeps your drink at optimal temperature for up to a few more minutes

  • Keeps your drink hotter or colder for up to 25% longer than a ceramic mug
  • Double-walled designed, so it can handle hot coffee, and you can hold the entire mug without burning your hands

ANTI-OBSOLESCENT - never worry about having to replace it

  • This product is designed to last and last, and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, so you can purchase it with true confidence