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Instructions: How To Make Your Squirrel Finger Puppets

When you purchase a set of Better For Your Kid's Stainless Steel Tumblers featuring the laser engraved juggling squirrels (that was a mouthful!), you'll find inside a craft activity to make squirrel finger puppets. The Tumblers feature squirrels on one side juggling anywhere from 1 to 9 acorns, and on the other side is the corresponding number both written and in numerical form. We think this is a great way to teach kids to read and write numbers, and to differentiate between their cups!

You can view and purchase the tumblers on Amazon by clicking the link or picture:


Color the squirrel with your favorite colors! This is much easier to do before the squirrel is cut out and glued together, so we suggest you do it first.
(This step is optional. You might prefer to keep the natural paper color!)


Under the supervision of an adult or guardian, carefully cut out the puppet cone body. Choose the face that you prefer and cut it out too (front and back). Always be careful using scissors and don't attempt to cut out your squirrels unless you're being assisted by an adult.

NOTE: Don’t cut off the ‘TAB’ as you need this to glue the cone body together!


Roll the body into a cone shape. Glue the ‘TAB’ to the inside of the cone so that the two ends of the cone meet. Also glue both sides of the tail together so that you can see the printed details from each side. Pinch the top of the cone together and glue just the top of the cone front to the back of the cone.


Glue the face of the head onto the front of the cone body. Then glue the back of the head onto the back of the cone body, making sure that the front and back of the head are glued together with the edges lined up as best you can. You can now bend the tail to one side if you would like to see the tail from the front.


This is the hardest part; wait until the glue dries! Now you can play with your squirrel! You may like to place two fingers inside the body if one finger is too loose. You can also try stuffing the cone body with some tissue or cotton wool if it is too big.


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