Why the squirrel? - Better For Your

Hey Better For Your, what's with the squirrel?

By now you've probably noticed that our logo is a little green squirrel. You might be wondering why we chose a little green squirrel to represent our business and our brand, so we thought we'd answer that below. 

To be honest, it's because we're a little bit nuts...

Seriously though, we do like squirrels and we think they're an underrated little species - they're intelligent, occasionally forgetful and sometimes pretty cheeky, a bit like us really.

Wondering why they are forgetful? We'd tell you if we could remember... Really though, squirrels scatter-hoard their acorns all over the place then forget where they put them! But this forgetfulness inadvertently makes them great tree conservationists, with scientists saying it is the main way that oak and other hardwood forests grow and spread. In fact, scientists think squirrels are responsible for planting more trees than all mankind! Trees are a vital aspect of our planet's ecosystem, so we think that’s pretty neat.

Squirrels are also great problem solvers and are very adaptable, with over 200 species found in many parts of the world. As they spend so much time gathering and storing food we really appreciate that they are always trying to make sure they have food available for the leaner times of the year. It makes our trips to the supermarket to get food look pretty easy in comparison.

There is even a National Squirrel Appreciation day, held every year on January 21. Maybe that’s because many people agree that they are part acrobat, bandit, gardener, trickster and so much more - and deserve some appreciation! We certainly do.